Alive Again

So it’s been a year since the site’s last update, but now we’re back. One of the things that’s true is that most of the traffic that’s come to the site (even without updates!) has been to the review pages, so we’re re-launching as a place that primarily does reviews, and occasionally produces rules.

To that end, the parent company of Purple Fuzzy Monster (Autumnside Productions) has become an Amazon Affiliate, and you’ll be able to support our reviews by buying stuff from Amazon. You can still pick up a copy of PFM-01 Starships at WargameVault, of course, but I can’t see you needing more than one copy.

In that vein: Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.

We’ll see you next with a review of a Hero Forge model that’s on my work bench.

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