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This is becoming really interesting. According to the news, a researcher who’s really into debunking these kind of claims took a shot at the EM Drive recently. Like all the previous tests, the equipment claimed the drive produced thrust, and … Continue reading

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Out of Dry Dock and back to a Con

I had friends who had a room at Comic-Con, and they did me a favor and kept an eye on my demo box while I wasn’t working. They even transported it to and from the Con, so that I didn’t … Continue reading

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After Comic-Con, 2015

So I had a fun and busy demo session at Comic-Con. I think every Aerospace Engineer at the Con came by my table and played Starships. A good time was had by all, including a few 12-year-olds who weren’t rocket … Continue reading

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Comic-Con International, 2015

So they’ve got the schedule up. We’re going to be in the Hyatt, on the Fourth Floor (Regatta A). We’re going to be there Friday afternoon (1:30 to 5:00) and Saturday (10:00 to 5:00, minus lunch). Right now, the schedule … Continue reading

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Purple Fuzzy Monster will be at Comic-Con International. Officially, we’re demoing Starships, but if you ask nicely, you can talk us into showing off the playtest deck for Aliens Built My Hot Rod. We should be in the Hyatt on … Continue reading

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Starships: Errata and Proposed Changes

Starships has been out for almost a year now, and I’m thinking I’m going to need a 2nd edition eventually. Right now, there aren’t that many changes in the pipeline, so I don’t feel a rush to get them done … Continue reading

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I’m in the middle of taking pictures for a new battle report, and I’ve got access to some new equipment and software, so I figured I’d post this up and see what it looks like.

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Workbench: Mauridian Missile Cruisers

Long-time followers of this blog might remember that I bought some Val’Neveg missile cruisers from Ravenstar Studios back in October of 2013. Here’s the picture I took for that post: Well, I finally got around to painting them. If that … Continue reading

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I write likeArthur Clarke I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

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One Page Rules: Faster Than Light

Star Noir operates under the fiction that an FTL drive works. To be specific, Sonny White’s implementation of the Alcubierre Drive works. In Starships, it makes very little impact, except to limit the places from which a ship may escape. … Continue reading

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