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After Comic-Con, 2015

So I had a fun and busy demo session at Comic-Con. I think every Aerospace Engineer at the Con came by my table and played Starships. A good time was had by all, including a few 12-year-olds who weren’t rocket scientists.

So that’s the good news: these are My People, and I can reach them.

The bad news? My People aren’t necessarily miniatures gamers. While I got lots of interest and positive feedback, they weren’t interested in painting miniatures and digital downloads.

So, it looks like the third edition of Starships will be a boxed edition, and probably adjusted to match available components. As that’s a whole new thing for me, it’ll happen sometime after we finish Aliens Built My Hot Rod.

The second edition will still be released in the original format later this year, and will include a print-on-demand option as well.

While I was running demos, Leanne went and schmoozed the other game designers. We ended up going home with a copy of Alpha Bandits, and Leanne is intending to get a copy of Burgle Brothers when it’s available. Also of interest is Villains & Henchmen.


Purple Fuzzy Monster will be at Comic-Con International. Officially, we’re demoing Starships, but if you ask nicely, you can talk us into showing off the playtest deck for Aliens Built My Hot Rod. We should be in the Hyatt on Friday afternoon and most of the day on Saturday. Things are not entirely finalized, so check your con schedules when they’re released.

Speaking of Aliens Built My Hot Rod, I should be adding a product page after Comic-Con. At the moment, the game design is pretty much done, but I made a mistake designing it: it needs about 60 pieces of art, and it’s only got 12 so far. Our current schedule is to have that finished by next year’s Kingdom Con.

Finally, a friend of mine’s got a couple of books out. I can’t give an honest review of them yet, because I’m behind on my reading. (So very far behind …) But Jan did regale me with setting information when he was first plotting them, so if the book is half as good as that, then it should be a good read.

(I could apologize for not updating the site recently, but the truth of it is: my day job is very distracting right now, which is a good thing for me. Just not such a good thing for y’all.)


Starships to demo at Kingdom Con


So Jump War is now Starships, or Purple Fuzzy Monster’s Starships, if you’re not into that whole brevity thing. I’ve got a page for it on the web site here.

I’m demoing it at Kingdom Con in San Diego on Friday (April 25th) from 2–6 pm in the main hallway, and again on Saturday from 10am – 6pm (minus a lunch break at 1pm).

The plan is to make the rules available via Wargames Vault just before the con. Optional personality cards should be available about a month after that.

Now why don’t he write?

For those folks who are wondering why I’m not posting quite so frequently, let me reassure you that the Purple Fuzzy Monster is still working away on Jump War. The basic problem was that I was spending an awfully long time writing battle reports, and not enough time doing the last bit of playtest on my rules.

Which is a good thing, too, because the scenarios needed a rewrite. When the designer is reading stuff he wrote, and wondering, “what did I mean here?” you know it’s time to rewrite your scenario rules.

The other announcement is that I’ve got a table reserved at Kingdom Con, so have a deadline to get everything put together so that folks who can make the demo can download copies of the rules afterwards.