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More about the EM Drive

From Futurism, we have an article on the latest theory about the EM drive.

In short: the drive is not reaction-less, but emits photons. They’re not being detected because they’re coming out of the drive in pairs with opposing phases. Those photons escape the EM drive’s cavity because the phase conflict eliminates the photons’ magnetic field — which also means that the photons can’t be detected by normal means.

Obviously, add “theoretically” to most every sentence above. The cool thing about this theory is that it fits the observations and doesn’t seriously challenge what we already think we know about physics.

The monkey in the wrench? It’s finding those emitted photons to prove the theory. In the Daily Mail’s version of the article, the author suggests that they’ll need an interferometer to do it. (That’s the same device that was just used to detect gravity waves.)

EM Drive Update

This is becoming really interesting. According to the news, a researcher who’s really into debunking these kind of claims took a shot at the EM Drive recently. Like all the previous tests, the equipment claimed the drive produced thrust, and the researcher was unable to identify any error.

At this point, this is the fourth different team to experiment with the drive, and they’ve all had the same result. Either we’ve stumbled onto a new propulsion system, or a wonderfully new way to screw up the various sensors used. Obviously, the first possibility would be ground-breaking; but the second is still very interesting.

For those who want to dig through the paper itself, it’s here.